Penn Medicine / Lancaster General Health

The Lancaster General Health Tri-Generation Plant is a 15,765 SF steel structure addition built directly over the hospital’s existing operational boiler house on East Frederick Street. This addition houses a new gas fired 4.5 Megawatt turbine that provides essential power to the hospital. The heat energy produced by the turbine unit is recycled to drive the HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) boiler which produces enough steam to provide sterilization, humidity, food preparation, laundry services and cooling (by means of a new 1,000 ton steam driven chiller) for the entire hospital. Additional ancillary equipment such as pumps, electrical switch gear, cooling towers and four (4) two megawatt diesel generators also reside in the building to provide the required distribution of power, steam, cooling and emergency backup power. The facility also houses a state-of-the-art control room which allows operators to monitor and maintain all operational aspects of the plant equipment.