Project Visualization Ensures Success

Benchmark’s success in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is built on far more than technical expertise. It’s built on our collaborative, hands-on approach with every client. When clients can better visualize the project plan, they can make confident, informed decisions. We continually adjust models early in the process to respond to clients’ needs. With this preliminary, interactive planning, projects run smoothly and stay on schedule.

Optimizing Productivity

Virtual models and analysis are utilized to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project, enhance clarity, and optimize the productivity of our team in the field.

  • Building Information Modeling
  • 3D Scanning
  • Self-Performed Surveying Layout
  • Mechanical Systems Coordination
  • Construction Document Coordination
  • Project Progress Documentation
  • Drone Flights
  • 360-Degree Photo Documentation
  • 4D Visual Scheduling
  • Project Mockups
Benchmark team member pointing at a digital plan on a computer
A digital model of a project

Building Information Modeling

  • Utilize the design team’s BIM models to understand the project’s design intent.
  • Produce a BIM model for a project designed utilizing 2D software only for plan and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) coordination.
  • Working with our trade partners’ models to analyze MEP systems, and any additional systems to determine areas of conflict.
  • Determine, with trade partners’ input, the best solution to mitigate each issue. Ensuring the installation of mechanical systems is efficient and streamlined.
  • Ensuring the safety and maintenance clearances for MEP and Owner’s equipment are preserved after project completion to improve system upkeep by facility managers.

3D Scanning

  • Utilize handheld and tripod 3D scanning technology to accurately scan the existing environment.
  • Employment of 3D point cloud for model creation, verifying the installation of new systems, and mechanical systems coordination.
A scan of a building
Benchmark team member working with a layout instrument

Self-Performed Surveying Layout

  • Deployment of Leica Robotic Total Station to locate and lay out the project’s foundations, interior walls, and high tolerance items such as equipment tie-ins, medical iso-centers, and multi-manufactured prefabricated equipment.
  • Ensuring accurate placement of the building from the foundation up.
  • Self-performing these tasks assists our team in meeting or exceeding project schedule requirements.

Construction Document Coordination

  • Generate a virtual 3D model for the project from the construction documents during preconstruction.
  • Review project constructability, absent detailed explanations, and areas of discrepancies between the design team’s documents
  • Meet with the design team to discuss and clarify areas of concern, thus reducing the amount of Request for Information (RFI) submissions required during construction which streamlines the building process.
A rendering of a multi-story building
A blueprint overview of a project with an interior shot of the project in progress

Project Progress Documentation

Drone Flights

  • Provide drone-produced videos and images to the Owner and design team to clarify and document substantial milestones in the project.
  • Produce a virtual 3D mesh model from the drone data enabling measurement of distance, volume, and area for estimating, procurement, and construction analysis.

360-Degree Photo Documentation

  • Generate a series of 360-degree photos of the project from specific locations at critical intervals and utilize StructionSite software to organize and review the images.
  • Consistently provide updated images to produce a project timeline from each specific perspective. Images can be viewed side by side for comparison and markup purposes.
  • Provide searchable project image timeline at project completion to Owner’s facility management team, for future investigative maintenance issues.

4D Visual Scheduling

  • Combining the project schedule and 3D model assists our team by visualizing any phasing, scheduling, or sequencing issues. 
  • The 4D schedule tracks completed work and upcoming trade partner tasks to keep the project on schedule.
Example of a 4D scheduling set up of a project
A scale mockup of a building

Project Mockups

  • Design and clarify the Project Mockup for buy-in from the Owner and the design team.
  • Generate construction documentation for the project mock-up on site, referring construction details to the project documents.
  • Ensuring construction partners understand the systems installation and design intent before working on the actual project.
  • Providing the Owner and design team with a large-scale physical review of the systems and finishes before installation on the project.

Benchmark Live Stream

Our team brings unparalleled experience, passion, and ability to every project. Our open-book policy provides transparency and engagement with our clients not seen on most job sites. Enabling webcams, owners can remotely monitor the construction process and make informed decisions promptly.

Why Benchmark?

Benchmark has partnered with various health systems, senior living providers, higher education institutions, and commercial clients in Pennsylvania and northern Maryland on some of the region’s most complex and significant projects over the last nearly four decades. From high-profile overbuilds to complex interior renovations, to campus expansions, our team has the unique skill set to deliver an exceptional construction experience. Leading with clear Conditions of Satisfaction and an unparalleled focus on safety, quality, and risk mitigation, our team has consistently delivered success.