Solution-Seeking Approach

Our depth of the industry and trade-specific knowledge along with our team’s collaborative, solution-seeking approach to all projects are the essential ingredients to delivering success to our clients time and time again.

Quality Control

Our quality control process starts in preconstruction and carries through procurement, construction, and close-out. Early identification of potential challenge areas and setting expectations early is key to a successful quality control program.

During construction, we staff an on-site quality control manager who collaborates with the project management team. The quality control manager will ensure that the executed work follows industry and Benchmark quality standards. Our team uses FinishLine, a cloud-based punch list management software for quality control. Our team has found that implementing the QR code program allows for a quicker, more organized punch list process throughout the project.

A Benchmark team member reviewing documents on a tablet


At Benchmark, we are safety focused. This isn’t just a slogan or something that applies only to active job sites. It involves key drivers that are incorporated into our practical approach to safety and permeate our entire operation. These actionable key drivers are: EDUCATE, DELIVER, MEASURE, AND IMPROVE. 

These key drivers represent a cycle – and it’s a cycle that works. Benchmark has achieved a best-in-class EMR rating of .655 and was awarded the 2022 National Safety Excellence award from Associated Builders and Contractors and two merit awards in 2015 and 2017.


Everything we build impacts our community. With a commitment to sustainability and a focus on integrity, we are dedicated to building a better community for future generations.

For over three decades, Benchmark has demonstrated a commitment to green practices and has guided our clients, subcontractors, and partners toward sustainable decisions. Through the preconstruction and construction process, our in-depth knowledge of LEED, Passive Building Principles, and Green Advantage Best Practices guides our clients’ decisions on sustainability, green building, and the related cost implications. With thoughtful choices on green practices, our clients can envision their positive impact on the environment and the community.

Exterior view of horizontally paneled multi-story building
Three people working together to put together cabinets

Community Commitment

Our impact is felt beyond the structures we build. We are committed to building a better community by investing our time and resources. With this as our focus, we seek out mission-driven partners and use our resources to support their growth. By participating on advisory boards for universities, not-for-profits, and government agencies and by serving as coaches, mentors, and volunteers, our employees share their skills to better our community.