As true builders, we are the client’s partner in transforming their vision and mission into reality. Delivering comprehensive preconstruction services that deliver an exceptional experience is our primary goal.

At Benchmark, preconstruction is not just about numbers and pricing a set of drawings. We have created an environment that fosters collaboration and encourages the engagement of each and every project team member. This environment facilitates confident, informed decisions throughout every step of the preconstruction phase of a project. Our process integrates the collective intellect of the client, designers and the construction management teams to create efficiencies, build certainty in pricing, ensure a consistent direction, and ultimately add value to the overall project.
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Benchmark’s goal is to organize, analyze, and translate information in a method that brings certainty to project scope, project cost and project schedule. We prepare the project team to make informed decisions and develop creative solutions through implementing industry-leading technologies such as Virtual Design in Construction (VDC) and best-practices. This minimizes risk, eliminates design conflicts and lowers the project cost for the owner.

Our innovative approach to preconstruction allows us to deliver on every promise we make and provide our clients with not only an exceptional project but an exceptional experience as well. [/read]