TRU by Hilton

The new TRU by Hilton is in Hershey, PA just 2 miles outside of the famed Hersheypark. The five-story, 51,525 SF hotel is comprised of 112 guest rooms and provides a full range of amenities including a 24/7 market, indoor swimming pool, personal fitness center, and game area.

The unsuitable soils on the construction site for the hotel made bringing the building out of the ground extremely challenging as they created foundation issues and difficulty achieving the acceptable bearing capacity. Over excavation, up to 15’ in some areas, was required until foundations could begin. Fill from outside sites had to be brought in to bring the site up to grade. In addition, a gravity retaining wall around the project site meant there was only one means of egress.

The complex building structure comprised of a wood frame and fastening system required extreme attention to detail. The building envelope is an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) with aluminum windows and storefront.