PODCAST: Are Commercial Construction Prices Going Up?

Most economic recoveries end – in part – due to inflation. And when you’ve been experiencing one of the longest economic recoveries, ever, there seems to be an almost obsessive concern about when prices will start to creep upward. Of course, in the commercial construction world, where we’re often budgeting projects weeks or months before we actually sign contracts, it’s an even bigger concern.

With all of the whispering about inflation we’ve been hearing lately, we decided to ask some of the smartest folks we know about if inflation is here or on the horizon. We interviewed both of these experts and made a podcast recording about what they had to say.

First up, we interviewed Adam Ozimek. Adam’s a Senior Economist for Moody’s Analytics. If his name sounds familiar to you locally, that’s because he’s also one of the partners bringing a “barcade” to Lancaster. We spoke with Adam about what he’s seeing at a macro level.

But we also wondered what’s happening down in the trenches. In other words, are the prices our suppliers quoting us going up or not? To get to the answer of that question, there was nobody better to talk to than Walt Taylor, the Director of Estimating here at Benchmark. Between the two of them, you’ll get some great insight into what’s been happening with prices, and where we expect them to go over the next several months.