Happy Anniversary to Us!

It’s not a milestone in the traditional sense as anniversaries go, but 31 years in business is still nothing to sneeze at. So on March 22, 2016, Benchmark Construction Company, Inc. will quietly celebrate another successful year in business.

“Our 30th anniversary had some hoopla around it,” says Mike Callahan, company President. “We celebrated throughout 2015 and did some special things to recognize it for both our employees and our clients. This year will be a little more like business as usual, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t thankful.”

In fact, 2015 marked another milestone as the company exceeded $100 million in revenue in the fall. This achievement aligns well with Benchmark’s 10 year strategic growth plan.

And things continue to evolve at Benchmark to ensure we celebrate many anniversaries to come. In fact, in just the past year, we have established a Leadership and Culture Department to provide guidance as we continue to change to meet the demands of our marketplace. One such change was a realignment of the company’s traditional department structure to one with a market-oriented focus. We also relaunched the company website with a fresh new look and updated our logo as a visible sign of a company that is looking toward the future.

So while a 31st anniversary isn’t celebrated with diamonds or gold, it does provide an opportunity to take stock, look back over what’s been accomplished so far and then quickly look to the future and do the work that will ensure success for the next 30 years.

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  1. GO BENCHY!!!!
    A quality squad striving to achieve excellence for clients, teammates and all our partners each and every day!
    I Love Benchmark