Celebrating Benchmark Employees

On the afternoon of Friday, May 6, the employees of Benchmark gathered for our annual Employee Appreciation Day. In a company that has employees spread out among numerous job sites and a sizable office staff, it’s a time for everyone to get together in a relaxed environment, eat good food, play some games and catch up with co-workers they may not get to see very often.

There are also a couple of traditions that go along with the annual event. One is to take a new group photo – no small feat when there are over 140 people in attendance.

The other is to hand out the President’s Award. This award gives recognition to outstanding performance and contribution to Benchmark’s high performance culture. It recognizes employees from both the field and the office who embody our core purpose of “exceeding our clients’ expectations through employee well-being.”

Recipients are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Exceptional performance in their given field of expertise
  • Evidence of spending time, energy and attention in helping other employees be successful
  • Taking action to position Benchmark for success

This year the award was given to three employees:

  • Jack Makris is a carpenter who has been with Benchmark for two years this May. Jack was rewarded for demonstrating positivity and flexibility with regard to travel and shift work. His conscientious dedication to Benchmark is evident to everyone he works with.
  • Katie Brenneman is a job cost accountant who joined Benchmark in July of 2012 and Whitney Stauffer is Benchmark’s accounting manager who has been with the company since September 2002. Katie and Whitney were rewarded for exceptional performance and dedication in co-managing the Accounting Department under unusual and extraordinary circumstances.

Congratulations to this year’s President’s Award recipients!