Benchmark announces promotion to Project Manager

We are pleased to announce that Tanner Edgell and Stephen Polyniak have been promoted to the position of Project Manager. Mr. Edgell and Mr. Polyniak will oversee the daily operations of select projects including the Living Branches Dock Woods Renovation and the Penn State St. Joseph’s Hybrid Operating Room, respectively. They will be responsible for coordinating field and administrative activities as well as ensuring all parties involved in the construction process are working to serve the clients’ best interests.

Mr. Edgell holds a Bachelor of Construction Management degree from Millersville University. During his time at Millersville, Mr. Edgell interned with Benchmark part-time from 2016 to 2017 and was hired in 2017 as an Assistant Project Manager.

Mr. Polyniak holds a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering degree from the Pennsylvania State University. During his time at Penn State, Mr. Polyniak interned with Benchmark during the summer of 2015 and was hired in 2016 as an Assistant Project Manager.