2nd Annual ABC Keystone Chili Cook-off

MOUNT JOY, PA – Benchmark Construction had the pleasure of participating in the second annual ABC Keystone Chili Cook-Off and Instructor Appreciation on Thursday, February 18, 2016 from 4pm-7pm. Over ten ABC members participated in this mouthwatering competition in hopes of taking home the grand prize in “Best Tasting Chili,” “Best Themed Chili Booth,” and “Best Tasting Dessert.” The event was created to raise money for the Merit Shop Scholarship Fund founded by ABC.

Representing Benchmark was: Lynda Sherwood, Director of Employee Growth, Sam Van Cleve, Quality Control Officer, Cliff Wilson, Director of Field Operations and Bill Lastinger, Superintendent. Our team, the Chili Craftsmen, prepared two delicious options, a white chicken chili and a red sauce meat chili, to please everyone’s taste buds. Since Benchmark has a competitive side, we also participated in the “Best Themed Chili Booth.” Our theme was inspired by our construction sites and utilized some very unique items as decorations including scaffolding, caution cones, orange fencing, rooftop warning line and other construction related items.

Throughout the evening, attendees were able to vote for their favorite chili, booth and dessert. At the end of the night, the votes were tallied and Benchmark walked away with three awards! Benchmark placed third in “Best Tasting Chili” and “Most Money Raised,” but the highlight of the night was winning the “Best Themed Chili Booth!”

To better understand the importance of the Merit Shop Scholarship Fund, ABC Keystone’s website states “The Merit Shop Construction Scholarship Program is to assist individuals seeking to further their education in careers in construction.” In continuing to help educate those individuals, volunteer instructors are needed to teach those looking to further their knowledge in the construction field. Our very own Bill Lastinger, along with 15 other instructors, were recognized for their dedication.


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